Start Up Your Restaurant: The Definitive Guide for Anyone Who Dreams of Running Their Own Restaurant




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‘This book is for every budding restaurateur, who, for some strange reason, insists on reinventing the wheel for lack of better guidance. It provides just the right insights and tips that may prevent one from committing mistakes that are committed all too often. It’s a reminder that passion and hobby alone do not a restaurant make.’

– Manu Chandra, Chef Partner, The Fatty Bao & Monkey Bar

‘Having overseen the launch and operations of flagship restaurants and witnessed the evolution of several other dining establishments, I can say it’s one thing to start a restaurant, and another to run it like a charm. What pays off in both stages is preparation – comprehensive groundwork coupled with a sound grasp of finances, regulations, team-building, infrastructure, aesthetics, and standards of service and technology. Start Up Your Restaurant has it all covered. Priya and Jayanth combine their priceless insights and practical knowledge in this invaluable guide to navigating the unique terrain of the Indian

restaurant ecosystem.’

– Gautam Anand, Executive Director, ITC Hotels

‘I should open a restaurant!’

How frequently have you said that? Be it a cafe, a takeaway or a gourmet destination, the food business exerts a magnetic pull that few others do. Whether you are a food enthusiast or an entrepreneur looking for a clever business idea, the restaurant business promises adventure and endless possibilities. But creating that dream restaurant packed with happy people, which also rakes in the money, requires more than just passion – it calls for astute planning and rigorous execution.

Choosing a smart idea

Funding and finance

Picking the perfect location

Setting up the space

Hiring the right people

Getting licences

Working with vendors and ensuring quality control

Launching and marketing

Packed with great tips and fun to read, this step-by-step guide from experts Jayanth Narayanan and Priya Bala will help you navigate therestaurant business with ease and efficiency.


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