Study Package Mathematics NDA & NA (National Defence Academy & Naval Academy) Entrance Exam 2019 (Old Edition)



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National defence Academy (NDA) and naval Academy (NA) are among the prestigious organizations of India, known for imparting one of the excellent military training in the world. Candidates filled with patriotic sentiment needs to sit for an entrance Exam to get selected first. Out of two objective papers of the written test of NDA/NA Entrance Exam, paper I is solely concerned with Mathematics. The revised edition of “NDA/NA Mathematics” is a one-stop solution for complete preparation of paper I for the upcoming National defence Academy/naval Academy entrance Examination. It has 31 chapters covering the complete syllabus of math as per the latest exam pattern. It includes Solved papers of 2018 and 2017 with detailed explanations to help understand the trends of questions. Packed with Chapter wise previous years’ 3000+ objective questions, This book facilitates an ample study resource to harness the conceptual clarity with well-organized study material and practice questions. Toc NDA/ NA solved Paper 2018 (II/I), NDA/ NA solved Paper 2017 (II/I), sets, Relations and Functions, complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations and inequalities, sequence and Series, Logarithms, matrices, determinant, Binomial Theorem, Permutations and Combinations, probability, binary numbers, Trigonometric ratios and equations, properties of Triangles, height and Distance, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, functions, limits, continuity and Differentiability, differentiation, application of derivative, Indefinite integration, definite integration, area Bounded by region, differential equations, Rectangular Cartesian system, The straight Line, the circle, Conic sections, vector Algebra, Three Dimensional Geometry, statistics, correlation and Regression.


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